Dunkin’s Social Media


Dunkin’ Donuts has been the coffee that Americans runs off of since 1950 and has grown into a franchise that many people live off of. With accessibility to stores all around the country, Dunkin’ Donuts is also available to their customers through direct contact on their social media pages. They are involved in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram. Their major presence though is on Twitter, which they consistently check and monitor to respond to any customer complaints or questions. This direct connection allows them to not let any problems that their customers have go unseen. With that being said it is vital that they respond to every customers’ issue because if they do not it could create more problems. As a Twitter user, if you see that a company is responding to only positive tweets and ignoring everything else it gives that brand a bad image because they aren’t being truly active with their customers, they are just using it as a promotional tool. Twitter is a great promotional tool, when used in the correct fashion. As long as you accept the fact that bad press will happen and handle it accordingly, publishing good press will enforce your brands’ commitment to your customers.


In their new commercials Dunkin’ is encouraging their customers to talk about the experiences that they’ve had with the food and beverages by tweeting about it and using their hashtag symbol #mydunkin. The company wants to get a better understanding of their customer’s experience and allows them to share it with the rest of the country. They ensure that their customers surround their objective and making sure they have a positive experience. Before their my dunkin advertisement they launched a “What are you drinkin’?” campaign on Facebook that asked customers to share their favorite drinks. Each marketing initiative that they produce is surrounded by how their customers implement their product and how it affects their lives.

#mydunkin commercial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6kJo6vq8rI

Dunkin’ Donuts uses their social media platforms to ensure the interaction between their company and their customers is genuine. On their Tweet log you will see more responses to customers than actual tweets from their brand. They are staying active with their customers and responding to their concerns.  On Facebook they have “fan of the week”, advertisements for their food and beverages, and call to action to like their page. Customers may also post on their wall to share their story or find a store location near them.


The best thing that Dunkin’ has done with all their social media platforms and advertisements has been to incorporate them all together to make sure they are sending a consistent message throughout. The focus on the customer’s experience and their stories not only helps the customer feel appreciated by them but also helps Dunkin’ see where they need to improve. By having active platforms that people can post on gives Dunkin’ primary data that they can use to help further their brand. Suggestions, comments, and concerns that customers give them allow for future ideas to form and the creation of a better brand.


Dunkin’ follows Evan’s model of social feedback by surrounding their social media pages around the customer and not as another advertisement platform. They make the customer aware of their product through commercials and other advertisements and allow for them to consider buying the product. Once getting them to their store it is hard to resist not buying a donut. But it is after their purchase that is the most crucial point. This is when their customers form their opinion of the service and food and either share their experience or keep it to themselves. By being active on many social media website Dunkin’ creates the stage for their customers to directly contact them.


I think that Dunkin’ is trying to become more of a creator on the engagement process with their social media. They are asking their customers to be active on their sites and using that to start conversations with them. It is after this step that they must actually use the feedback that they are getting to improve their company. Dunkin’ must not just discard all of the feedback that they are getting but should collect it and see where there is room for improvement. Just getting the content and responding to it is not enough. If they keep with the same process and don’t show improvement than what is the point of customers contacting them in the first place? Their voice need to be heard but they also need to be valued and to do so Dunkin’ needs to show that they are using that input in a constructive way.






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