Gilt Groupe’s Email Strategy



Gilt group is an online retail store that sells high-end clothing and home goods at a discount price. Everyday they have new deals for their customers who have signed up to be a member to shop on their site. The only way someone may shop at their store is if they are a registered member with them. Gilt has used email to their advantage to make it so that they inform, remind, and persuade their registered members everyday. Each day when they post new deals they send an email to their customers of the new deals that are available. This reminds their customer of how they are constantly changing their inventory and persuades them to check out what is new. They also use this email to inform their customers of the new brands that they have up and all the special deals that go along with them.

Customers who receive this email have registered through the website and agreed to receive updates about what new products have come out. In order to even shop on their website you must be registered with them. This gives the appearance of exclusivity because only the people who sign up with them are able to receive these amazing deals. An email a day can be too much to send to customers because it becomes easier and easier for them to put those emails in their trash and then move them to spam to never have to see them again. This is why Gilt started a new marketing campaign that encouraged those who had not visited their website in awhile to come back and shop with them.


This campaign targeted customers who have not shopped with them in awhile and provided an extra incentive by giving them 50% off their next order. This call to action reminds their members of what Gilt is and also gives an extra perk by giving them more of a discount than they already would have gotten by shopping regularly with them. They are using their already established list of email recipients from their registered customers and inciting them to shop on their website by giving them more of a discount than they normally would have. This not only encourages shoppers to get back on their website but it also encourages them to get back to shopping on their site regularly and making sure they check out the great deals daily so they don’t miss anything.

This strategy is effective in my eyes because it gives an extra push to their customers to go back on their site and shows how loyal the company is to them. It is in their daily emails that their effectiveness drops because receiving them everyday makes the value of their content go down. Even though they are used for notifying their customer about what new deals are available, a loyal customer would already know to check at noon for what new deals are up because they know that is when they come out. As an infrequent customer of this store I do not like receiving daily emails about what is new because I just end up not looking at them and deleting them. Instead I go on Gilt when I am in need of something and am looking for a good deal. Customers who sign up for this website know new deals are going on so they do not need to be notified all the time of it. If there is a great new product that they are selling than that is something they should send an email about but an everyday email will get sent to the trash because it will be considered to be just another spam message that they are sending out about their products.


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